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Never Yielding! | Fortis Upward | The Centenary Campaign for Kingston College

Thanks to the continued generosity of alumni, friends and supporters, KCOBA USA, Inc. is proud to support Kingston College’s Never Yielding Capital Campaign, a one-billion-Jamaican dollar (approx. $7 million US Dollars.) campaign.

In the fall of 2023, Kingston College (KC) launched Never Yielding | Fortis Upward | The Centenary Campaign for the institution to raise J$1 billion to maintain and elevate KC’s position within the ranks of the region’s preeminent secondary educational institutions.

It will be the most ambitious and daring fundraising campaign in the history of our beloved alma mater, but together we can raise a one-billion- Jamaican dollar (approx. $7 million US Dollars), transforming the Kingston College experience and enriching the lives of its students, staff and faculty members. 

Your generosity will allow KCOBA USA, Inc. to better support Kingston College by increasing the number of branded scholarships, expand academic and programmatic initiatives, and help build much-needed facilities including:

  • world-class auditorium for 2,000-plus students
  • complete the work on iconic Douglas Forrest administration building
  • Acquire/complete purchase lands for plan campus expansions
  • Clean energy transition project: solarization of both the school’s campuses
  • Construct a new water well at Melbourne campus
  • Continue much needed upgrades of science and industrial arts facilities


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