Welcome Class of 2013


The graduating Class of 2013 reunited collectively throughout late 2017 via different social media platforms. The desire of a reunion came out of the idea amongst a few past students to maintain contact and promote communication between a diverse and dispersed cohort of past students.
Having reunited, the Class of 2013 has explored different ways in which they can contribute to Kingston College as much as possible given that its majority consists of university students. Upon deliberation, a scholarship initiative was deemed the most feasible.
The Class of 2013 firmly believes in ‘giving back’; not in decades to come but rather now, to our alma mater that has helped to mold us into the young men we are today. Our belief is that a true ‘Fortis Citizen’ owes something to Kingston College and we merely seek to fulfill this responsibility. In light of this, the following past students from the graduating class have pledged support to this initiative to successfully create a scholarship to benefit, at present, one student in need currently enrolled at Kingston College.

List of Contributors:

Akeem Crooks
Akiedo Fung
Brandon Duncan
Christopher Bryan
Daren DaCosta
Garth Morgan

Hakeem Edwards
Jamario Smellie
Jamie-Che Newsom
Jayzon Brooks
Jevaughn Henderson
Jovaine Atkinson
Kadrean Green
Kevan Doyles
Kimani Dallas

Mark Lewis
Markel Blair
Max Chin
Miguel Morrison
Rashaad Saunderson
Romario Cumber
Scott Lee Young
Sean-Pierre Franklyn

Shavari Fagan
Steven Stone
Tunde Davidson
Xavier McFarlane
Xavier Newman

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