Purple is more than a color, it’s a lifestyle, and if you even spent a day at Kingston College you would see that. We the class of 2015, like many others, have been shaped by this noble institution to be greater than we ever thought possible. Therefore, it is our desire to pave the way for more boys to become upstanding gentlemen, trendsetters, and wave makers.
Inspired by previous classes' established scholarships, we thought this would also be a great way to play our part in giving back to the institution that gave so much to us. We reached out to our cohort with the idea and they were happy to join the list of contributors. We may not be in the position to donate thousands of dollars, but we believe in doing what we can even if it touches just one life.
This scholarship fund is a promise, a promise to enrich the lives of others through opportunity of education. This scholarship fund is a commitment, a commitment beyond the contributors but also the recipients to do the same or more for another when they can. With that said, give to your hearts content and let that purple shine.

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