Delta64-65 Scholarship Fund

Through the efforts of two of our classmates, viz. Kenneth Reeves (third left, second row) and Hubie Wilson (second left, back row), the Delta stream class of 64-65 (or more accurately, the surviving members at the time) met for our only reunion- 50 years -in August 2014 at the Jamaican Pegasus. Center is our beloved form mistress Althea Young. The idea of “giving back” to our alma mater, KC, was born at that time. Since then, the passing of four more classmates, including the primary organizer of this project, Hubie Wilson, the class was prompted to pick up the ball and bring it to fruition. We will share the details of this Delta64-65 Scholarship Fund in an article later in the KC Times with the assistance of Perry Bloomfield, President of the KCOBAUSA.


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