Our Mission

The Kingston College Old Boys’ Association USA, Inc. (KCOBA USA Inc.) mission is to be an advocate and reliable resource of financial and material aid for Kingston College. The purposes for which this Association has been organized are:

  • To promote the interest of Kingston College in Jamaica, West Indies and those who attended this institution.
  • To uphold and perpetuate the teachings of those instructors who devoted so much to Kingston College.
  • To promote a better understanding and appreciation for the cultural heritage of Jamaica.
  • To formulate economic and social ideas for the betterment of the human family, and former Kingston College students in particular.
  • To engage in fundraising activities to obtain the means to assist needy students and special projects at Kingston College in Jamaica, West Indies, and deserving local charities in the U.S.A.
The Association’s Initiatives Fundraising – Annual Goal: US$127,500.00
1.       Scholarships to deserving students: $20,000.00

2.       Prize Giving: $3000.00

3.       Health & Nutrition Program for students: $12,000.00

4.       Joyce Baxter Math Club: $5000.00

5.       Assistance to School’s Sports Programs: $20,000.00

6.       Assistance to School’s Facilities maintenance: $25,000.00

7.       General Purpose Fund: $20,000.00

8.       Kingston College Development Trust Fund (KCDTF): $10,000.00

1.       Member Dues

2.       Donations

3.       Contributions from Foundations and Corporations

4.       Special Events

5.       Sale of School Memorabilia


Ways to get involved

As an alumni association we rely on your love for school, commitment to service, network and philanthropy. Here are ways you can get involved:

  • Become a member and contribute the requisite dues of minimum, $50/year
  • Make a contribution to the initiative of your choice and/or give to the general purpose fund.
  • Seek the support of your company/work organization.
  • Get your fellow Fortis colleagues involved


“…committed to supporting & promoting Fortis Forever”

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