Table Tennis

Kingston College’s Table Tennis Team is going to Summer Camp!

Kingston College gave us confidence and prepared us for life! Thanks to the superior academic standards and prowess in sports. Yes, we were taught to be winners and this armed us with the tools we needed to be successful adults. Today, our beloved Alma mater is still creating champions in the classrooms and on the fields of play. KC’s Table Tennis team seeks to maintain that winning edge and as such, the team is committed to a week-long training camp in Westchester, New York, from August 4th -17th, 2019.

Join us as we assist the players, coaches, and management staff in securing the necessary funds required to make this transformative trip materialized. The fundraising goal is approximately US$24,000, and this will cover travel, accommodation, meals, and other related expenses of the team of 14 student-athletes. Do SUPPORT our younger Fortis brothers as they strive to preserve KC’s excellence in all areas.

Please support our Table Tennis by donating today!  




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